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Hello viewers,

My name is Aaron Wilson. I was looking for an iPhone app for my brand SiteModel. I’ve checked oDesk and Freelancer.com, some different sites trying to hire somebody. It was a nightmare. Most of them were foreigners living in other countries who didn’t have a complete command of English and if they did, it was hard to get an understanding out of them what exactly they were going to do. And they all wanted money upfront. I took a chance with the cheapest one on oDesk and they’ve burned me. oDesk was like : "Hm… It’s your fault, it’s your problem...". So there was no recourse and.. read more even their guy did respond to them to request for information. He just took the money and ran and made a profit on it anyway. So I was really disappointed with them and how were you getting iPhone made.

So thankfully I found InstEngine because they have started up their new platform they were working with. I knew them from how they were doing SocialEngine iPhone apps which I was renting for one of my SE4 sites. And it worked. They took care of everything. When they came up with InstEngine which was more updated like Instagram type of platform, I was excited about it!

Basically I got a fortune. I picked the premium package because I wanted some people that knew how to submit it, put the advertising to the Admob, do the whole thing and push it through. I don’t have any time to deal with Apple and whatever problems or preconditions and all that other stuff… I want some people who are professionals. They just got the job done and working. And I have to say quite honestly that’s what InstEngine did for the $999 and I’m happy with it.

It works on standard website hosting which is another plus. As you begin checking this all out you might have to go to a platform like Parse or something to get the web files, some push notifications hosted and everything. With their application it works on regular hosting so you can go anywhere. You don’t have to have a specific style of hosting because lot of times these are Control Panels and when you get to the back end it’s a little bit difficult to use. But the Admin side of InstEngine is easy to use and you’re also able to change the color scheme from the back end. You’re not fixed with one color as you changed your mind. I’m thinking about changing the colors and it’s quite easy to do.

The most important thing is that guys were there: Anton. You know, every step on the way to make sure everything is clear. Cause I’ve been burned before by those oDesk idiots but he was cool about it and I got the app up and running. And I’m very pleased with it. I would say that, the viewer has to be through that I’ve been through. If you you want to be on AppStore and you want to have something that has the Safari browser access so users can upload photos from their iPhone’s Safari browser. That’s the key … Then you gonna need something like this. Otherwise they can’t do anything. And this was a big problem with my site that was just PC-based up until I’ve got this.

So now with InsEngine my users for my brand (which is very picture-based) can just go there, create a profile and then begin uploading all their photos from the phone (to take the picture with the phone or if they already have pictures stored they can upload them from the Safari browser to the app) and that’s perfect! Otherwise they are just stucked with PCs, which is fine, but we all know that the world is going mobile and you want to get in on mobile market as well. This is the key reason for me wanting to get something but didn’t know how to do it.

So I can say InstEngine, Anton, these guys were there to get it all the way through and even when I needed a couple little changes or something, they didn’t ignore me… And I really appreciate it, sincerely, having the app totally done. Thousand bucks is a lot of money, I know, but I think it’s s sure bet. As oppose when trying to get it done cheaper, like on oDesk with some other people from foreign countries or something like that, they can just pick up their money, get you halfway down the road and just take the advance money and leave. Or you can go to Silicon Valley mobile app firm where they charges you 10000 bucks, so all in all, I think it was a wise decision and I think that you’ll be happy with it. Thank you very much!

Aaron Wilson.

Owner at "SiteModel".

Danli Zhou, danlizhou.com

Hello, my name is Danli Zhou and I’m a freelance visual artist. I run my own blog zdanli.com which showcases some of my artworks. I am proud to say that I’ve recently became the owner of a brand new iPhone app based on InstEngine (Danli Zhou Illustration).

It is the perfect platform to display and distribute my art portfolio to a wide range of audiences. Now I can just upload my works directly online with my iPad, on the go. In a world that is becoming more and more interconnected by the mobile networks, this is the fast and easy.. read more way to reach out to people I want to connect with. Feedback is instantaneous since people can directly comment or like new posts I make.

Always emphasising user convenience, the app allows for one-click registration behind a very intuitive interface. Users are able to share their opinions and repost my works to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, allowing for maximum visibility.

Last but not least, I enjoyed working with the InstEngine Team immensely. They have an excellent client-oriented attitude and maintain a very positive outlook in all things. From our correspondence, it has become to me that they are a very dedicated team possessing great potential.

I am very grateful for their work and wish them great success in the future!

Danli Zhou.

Freelance visual artist at "Danli Zhou Illustration".

Alex Khaikin

We started working with InstEngine a few weeks ago. We are still in the process of development but we had to go ahead with this early review because the customer service that was provided to us is absolutely outstanding. Anton is a true Account Manager and is always on top of our questions and concerns. He even provided us with some of the finest details that we did not even expect. We are looking forward to build a long-term relationship with Anton and the rest of the InstEngine development team even after our current project is completed.

Alex Khaikin.

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